If you want to export to Korea, starting a business in that country, or to import Korean products, we can provide you, through the support and assistance of our network of contacts with organizations and institutions that are collaborating with the Chamber:

  • Commercial, legal and lawful advice
  • Help in identifying suppliers and importers
  • Reports on bilateral trade.
  • Technical Assistance in your relations with administrations.

Organization of activities

The Chamber holds conferences, seminars and luncheons meetings featuring experts and leading political and business representatives of Spain and Korea to promote the development of opportunities and to enhance networking of our partners.

Trade missions

The missions can be either: from Spanish businessmen visiting Korea or Korean businessmen visiting Spain. Regarding the composition of the companies, the missions can be:

  • Sectoral
  • Multisectoral


Communication of the activities of the Chamber and its partners to the business community, the media and the public administrations of Korea and Spain.

Publication of the associated logo and description of their companies.

Agreements with institutions

In order to enhance the possibility of identifying business opportuinities and to support the members’ projects and initiatives, the Chamber sets agreements with major institutional organizations related to the business and cultural exchanges between Spain and Korea.

Contacts with Latin America

Given that the Korean business community is very interested in Latin America and is aware of the historical, cultural and trade link between Spain and the region, the Chamber will promote and facilitate contacts of Spanish, Korean and Latin American entrepreneurs.

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Spain, a bridge to Latin America

mapa espana latinoamericaSpain has invested heavily in Latin America. During the last few decades, its companies have become some of the biggest investors in the continent, making Spain the most important investor in the region immediately after the United States. In addition, Spain has always been essential in the relations between Europe and Latin America.

For that reason, the Chamber will make one of its most important core activities the creation of a commercial and cultural links...