With the goal of facilitate to the companies information of the mostWith the goal of facilitate to the companies information of the mostimportant aspects so they can take into account in the moment ofestablishing commercial relations with China, India and South Korea.

The Toledo Chamber of Commerce, organizes for the incoming month of October a Session of Networking with Asia: China, India and South Korea that includes the International Plan of Promotion (IPP).

It is about an action framed in the Intelligent Growth Program FEDER 2014-2020, and in collaboration with the European Companies Network, and the Exterior Promotion Institute of Castilla- La Mancha (IPEX) and the Corporate Federation of Toledo funded by the FEDER Fond, the main objective is to sensitize and promote the internationalization of the cultures between the companies and specially, facilitate information about the most important aspects to take into account in the moment of establishing commercial relations with China, India and South Korea.

China the big economic giant offers to the companies a huge potential in business possibilities. The most demanded products, we should point the agro-alimentary  and wines and alcoholic beverages, the high cosmetics, catering, fashion and complements, opportunities for the water treatment industry, innovation and technology services among others.

India is growing in rhythm superior than 7 %, rate that it hopes to maintain further than 2020, promoted by the public expense  and the dynamic internal market formed by 1.300 millions of persons. The sector of the technology it continuous being a key sector of opportunities to Spanish companies; the 75% of the internal demand of electronic devices in India be will cover in 2020 with the purchase of foreign products. Therefore there are great opportunities in infrastructure, renewable energies, telecommunications, defence, biotechnology, automation and tourism

South Korea it has 49 millions of habitants of which more than 20 millions live in the city of Seoul. It is an older population with high acquisitive power and very demanding consumers. The population each time has better life conditions and higher acquisitive power  which makes that the demand of consumer products increase substantially. The sectors in which we detect bigger opportunities of business are the agro- alimentary, metaland textile and fashion (luxury sector). However the business  opportunities can also happen in other sectors as renewable energies, environment, truism, auto components and medical equipment.

The sessions will take place in the Viverium of Companies of the Toledo Chamber, the final recipients arte the autonomic business man and litlle and medium companies of Castilla- La Mancha who are interested in the internationalization of his business in this economies. The subscription has to be made in the Chamber web site www.camaratoledo.com


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Spain, a bridge to Latin America

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