South Korea announced a plan to build over the next three years a network of "smart" highways adapted to electrical and automatic driving vehicles in a bid to ease congestion and reduce emissions.
The government will provide 37 billion won (29,600 million euros) and will try to capture the private sector another 35 billion (28,000 million euros) to finance this plan a large scale until 2020.
In the new South Korean road network it will be provided to major rest areas charging stations for electric vehicles, which is in line with tax cuts and other government measures to promote the use of these cars.
The ITS system, which allow the safe operation of autonomous vehicles and prevent accidents through a virtual structure traffic monitoring is also installed.
Another element is to be incorporated are "smart tolls" which does not require the installation of booths or stop or slow down to pass them.
The project includes the construction of 1,000 kilometers of highways for a total of 5,131 nationwide in 2020, with the aim that 96% of its 50 million inhabitants have access to these pathways in less time 30 minutes.

Spain, a bridge to Latin America

mapa espana latinoamericaSpain has invested heavily in Latin America. During the last few decades, its companies have become some of the biggest investors in the continent, making Spain the most important investor in the region immediately after the United States. In addition, Spain has always been essential in the relations between Europe and Latin America.

For that reason, the Chamber will make one of its most important core activities the creation of a commercial and cultural links...