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Korean Air conects Barcelona with Seoul

Last April, the company Korean Air inaugurated the first commercial flight between Barcelona and Seoul.

As the airline informed, the rout between these two cities is going to have a frequency of three flights per week. The airline is also going to use the airplane B777-200 with capacity for 248 passengers to operate between both destinations. This new connexion will help to increase the influx of Korean tourists in our country and to get the business and economic ties stronger between both countries.


Spain-Korea Autoparts Opportunities Forum

SERNAUTO, Spanish Association of Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturers, and KOTRA, Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, wish to invite your participation in the Spain- Korea Autoparts Opportunities Forum, wich will be held at the NH Collection Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid on 1 June 2017.

The objective of this seminar is to present to the Spanish companies of automotive equipment and components the opportunities wich the Korean market offers, as the world's fifth largest automobile producer.

It is a pleasure for both organizations, that you could to take advantage of the opportunity be part in the Forum y share the networking session between the Spanish and Korean automotive industry.

Moreover, you are invited to the succeeding Networking Buffet, in which all the rapporteurs and participants on the forum will participate.

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South Korea will be the first country to offer 5G services

South Korea will be the first country to offer 5G services due to a experimental phase taking take place in Pyeongchang, during the Winter Olimpic Games, in 2018.

This will be held even before 5G standard is approved by the international organizations, which implies a risky effort in pursuit of innovation...

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The Ministry of Promotion Develompment partners with South Korea within the framework of its development plan

cincodias.com - J. F. MAGARIÑO - MADRID 21-03-2017 12:57

Minister De la Serna signs a memorandum of understanding with his Korean counterpart.

The Asian country plans to run almost 2,000 kilometers of high-speed rail.

Development, Íñigo de la Serna, has signed this morning a five-year Memorandum of Understanding on Infrastructure and Transport with the Korean Minister of Territory, Infrastructure and Transport, Kang Ho In. The objective is to define and consolidate cooperation between both countries, as reported the Ministry of Development...

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Korean Cosmetics, a boom in Europe

Chips, Semiconductors, cars and transatlantic boats are some of the main products that South Korea exports. But there is a new sector that is bidding up in the last years and has been converted in an Western trend: that is the Korean cosmetics.

In 2016, South Korea has exported 3,441 Million Dollar in cosmetic products. Of that quantity, the 70% is destined to the China and Hong Kong markets, their main clients. The rest is sent in a 9% to USA and the other 23% for other countries.

Spain is between those other countries and our country occupies the fifteenth place in the world rank of Korean cosmetics exportations and the third in Europe, and it has growing expectations: in the last year, the Korean cosmetics exportations to Spain have grown in a 229%.

The Korean Cosmetics boom began in 2010 with the coming of the bb creams, a product that shuns the makeup base, skin hydration and sun protection in an only one cosmetic product. That was how other products broke through our market.


Measurement of the outcome of the trade agreement with the European Union

The Republic of Korea is the first Asian country to have signed a trade agreement with the European Union. After a few years of operation, the European Commission has launched a process to evaluate its results. It is a question of measuring the effectiveness of its implementation to promote bilateral trade and investment and to identify possible constraints to take into account for the future.

It has published an accessible public survey at https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/EUKoreaFTAPublicConsultation. In case you have interests in this market, you can answer this questionnaire before March 3.

We congratulate Mr. Francisco Herrero Maldonado

We congratulate Mr. Francisco Herrero Maldonado, President of Lamaignere Cargo, for the recent opening of operations in Korea. After opening operations in Chile, the United States and Mexico, it is now in the very important asian country under the name of Lamaignere Cargo Korea Co. Ltd. Mr. Herrero Maldonado is a member, Board member, Honorary Consul of Korea Sur in Seville and representative in Andalucia of the Spain-Korea Chamber of Commerce.

South Korea wants to build a network of "intelligent" highways in 2020

South Korea announced a plan to build over the next three years a network of "smart" highways adapted to electrical and automatic driving vehicles in a bid to ease congestion and reduce emissions.

The government will provide 37 billion won (29,600 million euros) and will try to capture the private sector another 35 billion (28,000 million euros) to finance this plan a large scale until 2020...


South Korea's biggest gaming fair opens in Busan

Busan, November 17 (Yonhap) - South Korea's biggest online gaming fair opened Thursday in the city of Busan, featuring a diverse range of mobile games, which featured virtual reality technology.

A total of 653 game developers and distributors from 35 countries participated in the four-day Global G-Star Games Exhibition, under the motto "Play Next Step."

Among the attendees were South Korean firms Nexon and Netmarble Games, as well as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Taiwanese firm HTC.

Choi Kwan-ho, head of the exhibition's organizing committee, said the fair attracted "a great deal of interest from many companies and that the event will be held on the largest scale in its history..."


Discussion meeting between Mr. Lee Tae-Ho, Vice Minister for Economic Issues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Group of large Spanish companies with commercial relations in the Asian country

Wednesday October 5, 2016 was held at the official headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Madrid a meeting-discussion between the Vice Minister for Economic Affairs of South Korea, Mr. Lee Tae-Ho with various Spanish companies with business relations in China.

The colloquium was attended by the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz, the International Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Alfredo Bonet D., and Vice President of the CEOE, D. Joaquín Gay of Montellà...

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Close to Korea

“Close to Korea” Last Wednesday September 21 of 2016, the show “Close to Korea”, of the company “Daejon Metropolitan Dance Theater” , took place in the Rialto Theatre of Madrid, under the direction of Hyo Bun Kim, it pretends to transmit the essence of the Korean culture to the whole world.

Organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Embassy of the Korean Republic and the Korean Culture Centre of Spain, this event offers a dance spectacle and traditional Korean music celebrating the 50 th anniversary from the beginnings of cooperation in the fishing industry between Korea and Spain, as prologue of other collaborations like cultural, commercial or technological.

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In the first line of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Corrían los años de la primera Revolución Industrial cuando sir William Thomson, excepcional científico británico, elaboró atrevidas teorías sobre termodinámica y electricidad que contribuyeron a dar a la física la forma que conocemos hoy día. Sin embargo, también le faltó imaginación al sostener, entre otras ideas, que la radio no tenía futuro, que los rayos X eran un engaño o que era imposible que un aparato más pesado que el aire pudiese volar. Hoy, con una nueva revolución industrial en ciernes, sir William Thomson tendría los mismos problemas para predecir el futuro. Pocos podían imaginar hace apenas dos décadas que en el año 2015 existirían en el mundo 7 billones de teléfonos móviles y que 3,2 billones de personas tendrían acceso a internet. Nos encontramos inmersos en un profundo proceso de transformación digital que está cambiando de forma radical la manera en que nos relacionamos en todos los ámbitos, sobre todo a nivel económico y humano.

A pesar de que las situaciones de partida y el sentido de estas transformaciones varían casi a cada momento, sí podemos estar seguros de dos aspectos clave: de un lado, que la digitalización de la vida económica, cultural, política y social es un hecho...


Exhibition "Earth, fire and nature 'South Korean artist Lee Seyong.

The Korean Cultural Center hosts until September 30, in the gallery Han- ul Madrid Center, the exhibition "Earth, fire and nature 'South Korean artist Lee Seyong.

This exhibition is a sample of handicrafts made with blue and white porcelain inspired by nature motifs. It dominates the blue color, although there are works with prints of other colors, like brown or green.

Lee Seyong intends, through his work, to publicize Korean culture through ceramics and "present the new look of modern Korean ceramics, which is an art that works across ceramics and painting, and applying a contemporary traditional way ".

In addition, interested parties may participate in workshops with the artist on September 6 in the classrooms of the Korean Cultural Center in two shifts; morning from 11:00 to 13:30 hours, and one in the afternoon from 19:00 to 21:30 hours.

The Korean Handicraft and the Woman

The Korean Cultural Centre presents the permanent collection of Traditional Handicraft entitled: ¨ The Korean Handicraft and the Woman¨, witch will remain opened from the 3rd of June until the 31st of August 2016, at the Han-ul Gallery.

In the past the Korean artisans developed a wide range of techniques in order to produce the necessary articles for their households along various millenniums...

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The 1st show of the Corean Documentary approaches the life and culture of the country.

The Korean Cultural Center will celebrate for the first time a Korean Documentary Shows in collaboration with the Cineteca of Madrid, from 14 to 22 May 2016. The inauguration will take place on Saturday 14 at 18:00 pm at the Cineteca (Sala Borau, Plaza de Legazpi, 8).

During the show two documentaries will be screened daily, on Saturdays and Sundays 14-15 and 21-22 May, so will be two chances to watch each documentary. It has selected 4 of the most renowned documentaries and who demonstrate creativity and vitality of the format of South Korea, with the intention of bringing the Korean life and culture in a more accurate way to Spanish viewers.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the most important event in the world in terms of technologies for mobile telephony, being the place where big companies that provide mobile phone services and manufacturers meet to showcase their innovations...

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Amancio Ortega’s great investment in Korea

Amancio Ortega, who is the first private investor in Spain, started at the end of last year year as a great real estate investor in Asia with the acquisition of a building in Seul, for a price of 328 million euro...

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South Korea in the Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (Fitur)

One year more the Stand from South Korea in the “Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid” (Fitur) received around 15,000 visitors including public and professionals. Fitur celebrated between the 20th and 24th of January its thirty-sixth edition...

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Autumn Concert: “Ariang for the World”

“On Saturday November 28th at the Teatro Monumental of Madrid, as in previous years, the XVI Autumn Concert of the Chamber Orchestra and the Millennium Vocal Group: “Ariang for the World” was held, organized by the Republic of Korea Embassy, the Korean Cultural Centre in Spain and by the General Association of Korean Residents in Spain and it was sponsored by Kia Motors Spain.

The Millennium Vocal Group, was founded by its director Jae-sil Lim in 1999, formed initially by members of the Symphonic Choir of the Spanish National Television, and has been performing for fourteen years now an autumn concert as well as making a yearly visit to Korea in order to perform concerts featuring Spanish songs. Through both of the performances of Korean songs in Spain and of Spanish songs in Korea, the Millennium Vocal Group presents the beauty and sounds of both countries."

X Tribune Korea-Spain

In the rectory of the University of Málaga was held last 27 and 28 October the Spain-Korea bilateral meeting which this year celebrates its tenth edition and whose motto was: "A partnership for a common future". The forum was organized by Casa Asia and Korea Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and embassies in Madrid and Seoul.

The participants of the X Tribune Korea-Spain

Spain-Korea Tribune provides a platform for dialogue and cooperation whose main objective is to analyze the current state of relations between the two countries, especially in the economic sphere, but also in the academic and cultural, and explore opportunities for collaboration and to promote relations between the civil societies...

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The Chamber of Commerce Spain-Korea supports the "Algeciras - Korean Business Cluster" project that promotes the Port of Algeciras

On November 4, was held in Madrid a conference intended for the official presentation of the project Algeciras - Korean Business Cluster, as tool with which to achieve strengthen and improve trade relations so much with Korea and Asia in general. 

It is intended to promote freight traffic of the Spanish and Korean companies taking as reference the superb position and modern facilities of the Port of Algeciras.

For it and in order to facilitate the taking-making to be implemented within the logistics environment of the Bay of Algeciras is intended to offer potential investors a "single window" on which to act.

The event was chaired by the Hon. Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Park Hee-Kwon; by the president of the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay Manuel Morón; and the President of the Public Agency State Ports José Llorca.

The project of the Port of Algeciras that counts on the active collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce Spain-Korea and also has the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Spain, ICEX, Total Terminal International Algeciras, KOTRA, Junta de Andalucía, Invest in Spain, among others.

At the closure of the conference Mr. Jorge Salaverry General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Spain-Korea exposed the role that the Chamber is having on the promotion of trade and business exchange between Korea and Spain and encouraged the attending companies to join the Chamber to facilitate their approach to Korea and to have the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences with the Spanish and Korean companies that are already operating in both countries.


Members of the Spain- Korea Commerce Chamber Held a Meeting with the State Secretary for Telecommunications and the Information Society. Mr.Victor Calvo-Sotelo.

Last September 30th, was held a lunch at the Spain- Korea Commerce Chamber headquarters, where the State Secretary for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SSTI), Mr. Victor Calvo- Sotelo Ibáñez Martín was attended as a guest, as well as other representatives of the leading Spanish and Korean companies associated to the Chamber including among them Repsol, Banco Santander, Samsung, Airbus Military, OHL, El Corte Inglés, Chopard, Lamaignere Cargo as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Spain.....


The Finance Minister attends the AIIB ceremony

Finance and Strategy Minister, choi Kyung-hwan, attends, on the 29th of june 2015, at the National People’s Congress, the signing ceremony of the Asian infrastructure Investment Bank’s Founding Act...


A Moment of the Korean Rhapsody Show

To mark the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and the Republic of Korea, the Korean Rhapsody show was presented in the Theatre Hall Fernando de Rojas of the Fine Arts, which combined...


Telefónica Open Furture allies with Korea Telecom and the South Korean Government.

Telefónica Open Future –an opening innovation network of the Spanish multinational—has singed this Monday a cooperation agreement with the telecommunications operator leader in South Korea, Korea Telecom, and with the government agency responsible for promoting innovation in that country, G-CEIC. The signing of the alliance, whose objective is to share the knowledge of the three parts in terms of entrepreneurship, investment and external innovation, was after the launch by the South Korean Government of a program to improve the national innovation level. Thus, Telefónica Open Future will join forces with Korea Telecom and G-CEIC to promote the program in Gyeonggi province, where is the capital, Seoul...


General Assembly of the Spanish-Korean Chamber of Commerce

On March 12, the General Assembly of the Spanish-Korean Chamber of Commerce gathered to review the Chamber’s 2014 activities and to plan the ones for 2015.

The reunion, which took place in one of its new member’s headquarters, OHL, was also attended by its two honorary presidents: the Korean Ambassador, Mr. Park Hee-kwon and the Vice president and CEO of OHL, Mr. Josep Piqué Camps. The president of the Chamber, Mr. Javier Cremades noted that as the Chamber’s third year of activities started, a phase of expansion and consolidation also started by means of establishing the Chamber in several Autonomous Communities. In 2014 the commercial exchange between Spain and Korea grew almost 90 per cent as compared to the previous year, mainly due to the increase in Spanish exports to Korea. Despite that growth, the room to grow in both directions it’s still really big. The Chamber will continue to strive to accelerate that growth, for the benefit of both countries.

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Korea looks to Gran Canaria to develope its hydrogen fuel-cell car.

The Korean ambassador in Spain, Hee Kwon Park, traveled yesterday to Gran Canaria seeking support to boost the new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles project by Hyundai, for which hydrogen fuel facilities are needed.

He said that after being received in a formal visit by the President of Gran Canaria, José Miguel Bravo de Laguna. Park, which highlighted the "very close" ties that the Grancanarian and Korean people have historically maintained, stated that the automotive technology project is one of the main reasons of his visit to the island.

In this regard, he said that Gran Canaria "meets all the conditions to be pioneer" in the installation of these new "cleaner" vehicles, because the island provides the "most favorable to foreign investors regulatory fiscal conditions”...


Catalonian business delegation to Korea

A delegation of Catalonian businessmen will visit South Korea on the 26 and 27 February of 2015. The main objective of the delegation, which is also institutional, is to establish and strengthen trade relations with the Asian country. Around sixty companies in the automotive, biopharmaceutical, fashion and tourism industry will have individual meetings with Korean companies thus facilitating the possibility of reaching trade agreements, investment and closing businesses that otherwise could not be achieved.


How did South Korea's economic miracle occure?

The economic miracle of South Korea is one of the great success stories of the last century. When the Korean War ended in 1953, the nation, destroyed by the conflict, was poorer than most Latin American nations.

Today, of course, is one of the most sophisticated economies in the world.
The country's experience has led many attempts to understand what it was that allowed this economic growth so fast.
For Jasper Kim, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea managed to get where was bet on the only resource he had in abundance: its people.
Both the government and the families realized the value of education, and invested it in an extraordinary way, tells Kim to Business Daily BBC. And that bet was that provided engineers and industrial workers who need manufacturing base from where the wealth....


The XV Autumn Concert.

Saturday, November 29th , The XV Autumn Concert with the Chamber Orchestra and Vocal Group Millennium was celebrated in Madrid at the Teatro Monumental , it was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the Korean Cultural Centre in Spain, the Korea Foundation and the Association of Korean Residents in Spain. The event was inaugurated by the Korean Ambassador to Spain, Mr. Park Hee- kwon...


Recognition for the Ambassador Oh Dae-sung.

Former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Spain, Mr. Oh Dae-sung, was awarded on November 13th, with La Gran Cruz de la Orden del Mérito Civil of the Kingdom of Spain, at the residence of Hon. Gonzalo Ortiz Díez- Tortosa, Ambassador of Spain to Korea. Ambassador Oh served in Spain between 2011 and 2014 and it was his last destiny as a diplomat. Recently he retired from the diplomatic career, but as he noted in his speech he will continue working from Seoul "for further deepening bilateral friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries as the Permanent Honorary President of the Chamber of Commerce Spain- Korea". Ambassador Oh was the founder of the Chamber of Commerce Korea-Spain, always moved by the conviction that Spain and Korea can and should increase their trade and cultural relations. From the Chamber of Commerce Korea-Spain we extend our warmest congratulations to our Permanent Honorary President, Hon. Ambassador Oh Dae-sung for this deserved recognition. Ambassador Oh Dae-Sung’s speech..

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The First Korea-Spain Infrastructure Forum.

Last Friday, 19 September was held in Madrid the first Hispanic-Korean Forum from Infrastructures. The event, organized by the Governments of Spain and the Republic of Korea took place in the Palace of Zurbano in which participated representatives of the major Spanish construction companies grouped around SEOPAN (Observatory of Construction) and large Korean construction companies grouped around ICAK (International Contractors Association).

The Korean delegation was headed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea, Seung-hwan Suh, who was accompanied by Vice ICAK Paek Youngsun. The Government of Spain was represented by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, Ministry of Development, Rafael Catala Polo. SEOPAN and his Korean counterpart ICAK signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The Spanish construction sector highlighted the high degree of international competitiveness and its ability to identify large projects. Meanwhile, Korean builders, operating in primary way in Asia and the Middle East, will work with the Spanish in search of synergies that will allow Korean companies to work together with the Spanish in Europe, Latin America and North America and Spanish companies to expand operations in Asia and in the Middle East. Both groups are committed to continue this relationship with the celebration of the II Forum Hispanic-Korean Infrastructure next year in Korea.

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Asian funds landed in the Spanish real estate market.

550 MILLION WILL BE ALLOCATED THIS YEAR/ Sovereign wealth and pension funds of China, Korea and Singapore doubled their investments in European real estate assets, to 10,000 million Euros.

Asian investors have burst onto the Spanish real estate market. Till now they have had a token presence (50 million Euros in 2013), but only in the first half of this year have already invested 368 million Euros and currently there are several purchases transactions on due diligence phase (process analysis) that could raise this figure to 550 million Euros at the end of 2014.

Los nuevos inversores


The VIII Spain-Korea forum.

From 5 to November 7, 2013, was held at Málaga the VIII Spain-Korea forum with the presence of a large korean delegation composed mostly by academics from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, including its Chairman, Mr. Chul Park, and from KyungHee University. This event was also attended by the Energy Policy Advisor from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Korea, Mr. Yong Hun Jung, as well as senior representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. Korean Ambassador in Spain, Mr. Oh Dae-sung, and Spanish Ambassador in Korea, Mr. Luis Arias Romero, were also present.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce Spain-Korea, Mr. Javier Cremades, made ​​a presentation in which he highlighted the activities being undertaken by the Chamber to expand trade and business exchanges between Spain and South Korea, which he visited in October this year, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Chamber, Mr. Jorge Salaverry.

In the friendly and relaxing atmosphere that is normally delivered the city of Malaga, they were discussing several topics, including economic, cultural and technological issues, featuring prominent speakers from Spain and Korea. The Mayor of Málaga, D. Francisco de la Torre Prados, welcomed the Spain-Korea VIII forum and was present at the closing ceremony.

The Forum was organized by Casa Asia and the University of Málaga, on the part of Spain, and the Korea Foundation and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, from Korea. It has to by highlighted the presence and participation of the President of the Korea Foundation, Mr Hyun-Seok Yu, the Chancellor of the University of Malaga, Mrs. Adelaida de la Calle and the Managing Director of Casa Asia, Mr. Ramon Moreno.

Travel to South Korea.

From 13th to 28th October, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Spain – Korea, D. Javier Cremades, and the General Secretary, D. Jorge Salaverry, traveled to South Korea with the aim of encouraging the Chamber and making contacts with corporate and commercial organizations of that country.


Talk on Managing Visas.

On 22 October, at the headquarters of the Korean Embassy, the Chamber of Commerce Spain- Korea organized a talk on Managing Visas. The event was attended by a good number of Korean companies operating in Spain. For them, the issue is one of a great importance since they often have to obtain visas for executives and their families of Korean nationality. The keynote address was given by Mr. Gil Gonzalez, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. There were also presentations by the Head of Labour Affairs and Immigration of the Government Delegation in Madrid, Mr. Ildefonso Hernández, and the Head of Department of Immigration, Mrs. Carmen Cocero. Participants made a number of questions that the speakers had an opportunity to respond. The event was opened by the Hon. Korean Ambassador, Mr. Dae -sung Oh . On behalf of the Chamber attended by Mr. Jorge Salaverry, Secretary General of the same .

The Case for Spain II: Spain 2014=Germany 2004.


In our report, we provide a careful analysis of Spain’s risks:

Read report (PDF)

The Hon. Korean Ambassador , Mr. Oh Dae Sung , held at his residence in Madrid, a lunch with the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America.

On Monday, October 7 , the Hon . Korean Ambassador , Mr. Oh Dae Sung , held at his residence in Madrid, a lunch with the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America , Jesús Gracia Aldaz , and with the Ambassadors of the Pacific Alliance ( Mexico , Colombia , Peru and Chile) . Also attended to the lunch of the President of the Chamber of Commerce - Korea Spain Javier Cremades , the honorary president of the same , Josep Pique, and the general secretary , Jorge Salaverry . This lunch was a continuation of the one which was celebrated at the Chamber of Commerce held Spain - Korea to publicize the interest of Korean entrepreneurs to invest more in Latin America going accompanied by Spanish entrepreneurs.

The countries of the Pacific Alliance ( PA ) present a great opportunity for Spanish companies , not only in the face of possible Korean - Spanish investments in the region , but also to face the huge and growing Asian market . Oh Ambassador stressed that South Korea is the only Asian country that has a free trade agreement with the European Union . Also has a free trade agreement with Colombia , Peru and Chile and is negotiating one with Mexico . Also it has to be mentioned that PA represents 35 % of GDP in Latin America, with more commerce than trade Mercosur ( Argentina , Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay ) , according to the data of WTO. It also represents a market of over 200 million consumers , and jointly represents the ninth largest economy of the world, exporting 440 US billion and taking the 50 % of imports from the region.

Spain is an observer member of the Pacific Alliance and has expressed interest in being "observer plus".

At lunch it was agreed that the Chamber of Commerce - Korea Spain establish direct contact with the Business Council of Pacific Partnership with the purpose of track the chart of triangulation operations of Espana- Korea - Pacific Partnership.



The Hwanung god descended to earth to rule the world, turned a bear into a woman and later had a son with her named Dangun. Dangun established a kingdom called Asadal that nowadays is known today as Korea

On 3 October of each year , the people of South Korea celebrates a day known as Gaecheonjeol which translated means " the day the heavens opened ." It is also popularly known as the National Foundation Day . This festival celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon ( ancient Korea ) founded by Dangun Wanggeom.

Gaecheonjeol is based on the myth of the founding of the first Korean nation in 2333 BC. The Hwanung god descended to earth to rule the world , turned a bear into a woman and later had a son with her named Dangun . Dangun established a kingdom called Asadal later became Gojoseon , the current Korea.


The myth.

Long ago in the kingdom of heaven lived the King of heaven , called Huan -in . Huan -in had a son named Huan -ung that instead of living in the sky , he wanted to live on the earth. Huan -in knew the desire of his son and let him down and reign on earth. To help rule the earth , sent with him the rain , the clouds and the wind, along with 3,000 subjects.

Huan -ung fell to the earth , and built on a village a mountain called Baekdusan , and began to gather his people . At that time , in a place not far from where Huan -ung lived, lived a tiger and a bear who wanted to become people. The tiger and the bear looked at Huan -ung and asked him to become individuals , to which Huan -ung said , while he offered garlic and sagebrush: "Over 100 days you will live in a cave without seeing sunlight and only nourishing by this, and I'll be able to turn in people".

Hwanung, surrounded by the bear and tiger, evoke the myth of the origins of Korea.

The bear and the tiger took the garlic and sagebrush and entered in a cavern dark as the night. The tiger could not endure hunger, so soon ran out of the cave, but the bear endured 100 days and became a beautiful woman.



The bear turned as a woman wanted to marry, so Huan-ung temporarily tranformed in a man and married her. The child born of this marriage was Dangun, the founder of the first Korean. Looking for a better place to live, Dangun down from the mountain Baekdusan, and there founded a country that he called "Gojoseon".

According to the records of Samgukyusa (medieval collection of tales and legends of Korea), Dangun ruled Gojoseon for 1500 years, lived on earth 1908 years and became the deity of forests.


Council Decision of 16 September 2010 on the signing, on behalf of the European Union, and provisional application of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Korea, of the other part.

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The H.E. Ambassador of South Korea, the guest of honor at the inauguration of the Canary Club in Spain.

The H.E. Ambassador of South Korea was attended as guest of honor at the inauguration of the Club Canarias in Spain presided over by the H.E. Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Government of Spain, Mr. José Manuel Soria. This event, held on March, 25th at the prestigious Club S.XXI, was attended by a large business and institutional representation. To the same business personalities came as Vicente Boluda, Boluda Group President; Juan Miguel Sanjuan, Advisor and President of Satocan Sacyr; Rosa Rodriguez, Minister of Enagas; Jose Maria Sanchez, President of Prodware; Mario Romero, Chairman of the Mur Group; Joaquin Jorge, President of Halcourier in Canary; and Ignacio Baeza, Vice President of MAPFRE.

It also came a large institutional representation. The inauguration was attended by President of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior, accompanied by his Vice President Carlos Alonso, Eduardo Zaplana, the H.E. Ambassador of Senegal, the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Cuba in Spain.

At this meeting, there were highlighted the business opportunities that for South Korea supposes a Region like Canary, where the 30% of the Korean community in Spain is residing. The Co-Founders Club, Javier Gonzalez and Roberto Romero Miño Reig, were available to the H.E. Lord of South Korea to set bond.


Fall Concert XIII

Broadcast on December 16 on 2 RTVE. Directed by Jae Sik Lim, director of the Millennium Group and with the participation of the children's choir of Gredos San Diego and the Choir of Madrid Excelentia they sang popular songs from Korea in Korean language.
It highlights the complete presentation of the Symphony "Korea Fantasy" that was composed by Maestro Ahn Eak-tai, founder of the Symphony Orchestra of Mallorca.


The Special Program on South Korea was developed and broadcast by TVE in The Adventure of Learning program. It was a documentary about the country and an interview with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Spain.


By Ramon Gascon
BBVA Branch in Korea  

Spain is in a deep economic crisis that is forcing us to rethink what is the best model to help us out of it in a sustainable manner.

Some of us think that if we have an opportunity to improve our business expectations soon is through  the foreign sector, as we have done in the past, but this time with more solid strategies and vision.

Spanish companies need to look out  not only with the intention of exporting  -which is needed-, but also thinking on countries that could add value and work with them on a reciprocal basis. We have to think about leaving behind the short termism that has been a constant in certain sectors of the Spanish business community and to make a good assessment of the markets where we have real possibilities of action, even in countries which are not known as "natural markets".

Korea is an example of how to do things right. This is a country that in the 70's made ​​a firm commitment to a development model based on a huge investment in education capable of creating  jobs and in the search of foreign markets.

Taking the example of some regional experiences, such as the Japanese case,  Korea has developed its own economic model whose best known result is the creation and the amazing growth of large industrial conglomerates which nowadays are leaders in their sectors, such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, SK, Posco, Hanjing. Etc. These comapnies are known by millions of consumers worldwide. It should be noted that this journey, that was undertaken over 30 years ago, has brought  great prosperity to the country with very low unemployment and a steady growth. It is also true that here have been some rough periods along the way like the Asian crisis of the late 90s.  Korea recovered resorting to the IMF and asking their citizens for extraordinary efforts.

Even if not perfectly, Korea is leaving behind the protectionist policies and is immersed in a maelstrom of  Free Trade Agreements among which are the ones signed with the U.S. and the EU in 2011. This latter has to be better known in Spain and its institutional organizations as well as the private initiatives such as the Chambers of Commerce have to play an active role. Korea remains a great unknown in Spain and this is why we have opened doors in the financial, automotive, renewable energies and food sectors among others.
We must make an effort to attract the interest of Spanish companies in Asia and make them  think not only in China and India. Asia is much more than those two countries.

Korea has a more stable regulatory framework that some neighboring countries and also is proned to form alliances based on mutual understanding and through longer periods of time. Spain is perceived fondly in Korea and we must take advantage of this asset to keep the "momentum".

Seoul on November 6, 2012.

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LG OLED and Atletico de Madrid agreement

The President and CEO of LG Electronica Iberia , Jaime de Jaraiz and Enrique Cerezo , President of Atletico de Madrid Club , have reached an agreement , whereby LG Oled becomes the club´s technology supplier in the categories of Imagine and Sound for the seasons coming until 2020. 


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